DAS is located in Georgetown at the corner of 28th and M St., an easy walk from campus through the shopping Mecca of Wisconsin and M. The building itself is an attractive, whitewashed, two-story affair with a small patio overlooking M St. for fair-weather dining. DAS is suitable for both the casual diner and the well-dressed Georgetown elite. DAS is a favorite for the Washington, DC political power players’ actors and international traveler it is not unusual to hear various languages being spoken at the dinner tables at any given night. The word DAS, in Amharic refers to a decorative disc placed on the roof apex of Ethiopian huts.


Monday 11AM – 11PM
Tuesday 11AM – 11PM
Wednesday 11AM – 11PM
Thursday 11AM – 11PM
Friday 11AM – 11PM
Saturday 11AM – 11PM
Sunday 11AM – 11PM